Photo: Maria Tuxen Hedegaard
Glass lens / Photography / Printed on foil / Sound

Mette Colberg har created a site-specific audio-visual piece for south-facing windows in the Ruin Hall at Koldighus. Time and chance affect the way we experience the piece, which co-exists with the natural influx of light, its visual character changing with every hour. Colberg first made a tinted glass lens which she subsequently subjected to a photographic process. The piece consists of this tinted slide, which has been printed on transparet foil and mounted on two large window panes. Sound for the installation in Koldinghus composed by Kasper Nørlund.

"With inspiration from handmade window panes and leaded glass I have examined how the materiality of glass can create a certain atmosphere and room for reflection. Throughout history, glass panes have undergone continual refinement, from the handmade pane, with all its irregularities, to an industrially manufactured product that is so transparent it is almost invisible. The leaded glass pane har served as a testimony of important historical events and as a source of atmosphere and a sense og presence since the 18th century."

Film: Dorte Krogh