For a period of 25 years the same address in Copenhagen has been the home for varying groups of some of the most recognized Danish glassmakers. Most recently, the address on Islands Brygge has housed the artistic workshop community LUFTKRAFT, which currently consists of five acclaimed younger glass artists – Stine Bidstrup, Pernille Braun, Mette Colberg, Stine Diness and Sally Xenia Christensen.
With the exhibition Mapping Denmark II – Luftkraft, Glasmuseet Ebeltoft presents five artists in one show, which at the same time focuses on the studio community.
The first glassmakers to move into the studio on Islands Brygge were Helle Helsinghoff, Sia Mai, Christa Marple, Jeanne Roager and Johanne Visby, who in 1995 started the glass studio “Fragile” at this address. Later it housed the group ”Celsius”- made up by Sia Mai, Charlotte Hargreave and Karin Mørch. Several glassmakers have since been connected to the studio.
The current members of Luftkraft Glasstudie all belong to the younger generation of glassmakers, who move freely between craft, design and art. All five have made themselves known on the Danish glass scene and several have already gained international recognition in exhibitions abroad. They work individually with their own work, designs and exhibition projects, but they share the facilities in the studio giving them  both economic and the creative advantages, which a studio collaboration offers.
Stine Bidstrup (b. 1982) has been presented earlier at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft with the Study exhibition Studies in Search of Order and Chaos in 2011-12. Here she pursued an interest in optical phenomena in a series of various works, which include glass as well as video. Her work often has a strong conceptual core regardless of the form whether it be glass, object or of another shape.
Stine Bidstrup was educated at The Royal Danish Academy’s School for Design on Bornholm, 2001-2004, and Rhode Island School of Design, USA (2004-2006). She is represented in Glasmuseet Ebeltoft’s collection and at Hempel Glasmuseum, DK. 
Mette Colberg (b. 1981) is also preoccupied with the optical qualities of glass. Among others she has worked with lenses as a means of perceiving and understanding the world over a number of years. She also manufactures lenses or “filters” herself, which she uses for photography.
Mette Colberg was educated at The Royal Danish Academy’s School for Design on Bornholm, 2005-2008, and Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts & Design, Stockholm, Sweden (2011-2013). 
Pernille Braun (b. 1978) works in the field between object and concept. She has a strong feeling for the material, its surfaces and its volume – for instance the fundamental relationship between material and gravity, which is a bearing quality in her wall mounted pieces.
Pernille Braun was educated at The Royal Danish Academy’s School for Design on Bornholm 2004 and Royal College of Art, London-UK (2006-08). She is represented in collections at Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK, Bornholm’s Art Museum and Design Museum Denmark. 
Stine Diness (b. 1976) works in the field between functional design and artistic objects and projects. She considers herself a ”visual artist” and uses glass as an artistic means to investigate unique material qualities; first and foremost its ability to capture and preserve movement. In Glasmuseet Ebeltoft’s exhibition DG15 she was represented with a group of blown lamps entitled ”Cloud”. The clouds was also a theme in one of her earlier works, the installation ”Falling Water”, created in collaboration with Martin Thaulow.
Stine Diness was educated at The Royal Danish Academy’s School for Design on Bornholm, 2005-2008. 
Sally Xenia Christensen (b. 1975) works with design and product development as well as one off works. In his work with glass she challenges the material and the traditional thinking of glass. In 2014, she was awarded the Danish craft prize ”Håndfuglen” for best new product, given to her for her series of milky white drinking glasses called ”Hybrid”, which combines digital technology and traditional methods of product making.
Sally Xenia Christensen was educated at The Royal Danish Academy’s School for Design on Bornholm and Denmark’s School of Design in Copenhagen, 2008-2012, and she is also a Bachelor in 3D glass design from UCA University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK.   
The exhibition Luftkraft is shown in the new wing as one presentation of the five artists, who have made new works for the exhibition. Luftkraft can be seen at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft 08.10.2016 – 15.01. 2017.
Mapping Denmark 
The presentation of Luftkraft Glasstudie is the second exhibition in the museum’s series ”Mapping Denmark”, which will aim to map the development within Danish glass in a broad sense.
The first exhibition in the series presented Britta Madsen & Søren Gøttrup in the exhibition ”Fake”.
The exhibition has kindly been supported by:
Statens Kunstfond
Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond af 1968
Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond
Ellen & Knud Dalhoff Larsens Fond
Den Hielmstierne-Rosencroneske Stiftelse