METTE COLBERG grew up on a Danish island famous for their use of glass in arts and crafts. It was beyond doubt that she would develop the same skills to control the glass. Along with those skills, Colberg developed a fascination for a particular aspect of glass, the aspect that for her holds the magic off it: its transparency.
Whereas in everyday life our eyes are trained to look through glass, to not even notice that our computer screens, windows and light bulbs are made of it, the quality of glass in the field of art is mainly considered to lie in the object itself. A glass artist will look at the glass, not through it. 
Colberg noticed this discrepancy of the function of glass in art and everyday life and started an ongoing research project into the material and immaterial aspects of transparent glass. 

Within that search, Colberg glass-blew her own filters to screw onto a regular camera lense.The irregularities in the glass filter emphasize the space that lies between the photographer and his subject, a space of which we suddenly become aware. Her cross-media research, including her glass objects, photographic filters and and the gorgeous photos that she took with the filters will all be on display from September 7th to September 30th in Amsterdam. 
Please join us for the opening of the exhibition on September 6th, where the artist herself will be present. We'll send the address of our new location to you shortly before opening night. Want to join us for a collector's preview? Shoot us an e-mail at