Danish artist Mette Colberg (b. 1981) is showing her series of photographs “Bending the line of Sight” at NAU Gallery, as our final exhibition this spring. Mette Colberg has been a driving force in taking glass art from a handcrafted object into being the filter through which we gaze at the world. With impeccable skills in glass blowing, Mette Colberg has created lenses with the aesthetic defects such glass can have. On a conceptual level, Mette’s work has transformed what glass is, and is showing us all the bumps and marks which affects our seeing and observing of the world. 
“With a passion for glass and especially the transparency of glass, my artistic work challenges the traditional perception of glass art by introducing alternative ways to experience glass. My work explores glass beyond the object. To understand the immaterial potential of transparent glass, one must look beyond surface and object and into and through the material. It is not about the object, but what happens through the object. With point of departure in handmade photographic glass filters and photography I am researching the immaterial aspects and the ambiguity of transparent glass and how these notions can trigger new perspectives."

"For the exhibition, Bending the Line of Sight, my focus has been on seeing and how the glass filters changes and alter what I see and how I see it. Through the filters questions occurs and demand me to take them into account. They plant what if’s and why not’s and leave my to reconsider whatever it was I thought I knew.”