Client: Artboost / Sampension 
Location: Krystalhuset, Sundkrogsgade 11, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

Photography printed on plexiglass mounted on wall
Size: 1800 x 500 x 30 cm
Between Now and Outer Space is a site-specific installation that takes you on a journey beyond time and space. The installation consists of suspended fragments floating in a spatial rhythm, illustrating the complex connection between tiny particles and universal matter.
As a viewer, you are invited to reflect upon our collective consciousness and the continuum of human existence against the backdrop of the cosmos. What we are experiencing as our "now" is echoes of distant cosmic events, and fragments from ancient celestial bodies become building blocks of our existence. This connection between extraterrestrial material and our terrestrial reality serves as a reminder that we are, quite literally, stardust.
Looking at our existence as part of a cosmic whole and understanding the fleeting nature of the present moment creates a sense of unity and gratitude, ultimately shaping our journey on this speck of dust in the cosmos called Earth.
Photo: Kirstine Autzen