"...glass is the most effective conceivable material expression of the fundamental ambiguity of “atmosphere”: the fact
that it is at once proximity and distance, intimacy and refusal of intimacy, communication and non-communication" - Jean Baudrillard
During my time living abroad and away from my family and friends in Denmark my social time with these people has transformed into a 2-dimensional representation via Skype. The virtual presence created a strong feeling of absence by making me aware of the fact that physical presence was impossible. They were there, but they were not there. I wanted to emphasize this space between them and me, here and there and the feeling of absence and presence it gave me, so I decided to document this feeling through a glass filter during these Skype talks. The distorted surface of the filter breaks up and blur out the smooth and invisible interface of the computer screen and creates and awareness of the invisible space between us.
Hand build camera filter / Photography / Diasec mounted C-print
A) 70x50 cm (edition 1-10)  / B) Any size (edition 11-15) 
15 + 1 AP