Glass artist from Konstfack who received support to spend 3 months at the Royal College of Arts in London in spring 2014.
“With a passion for glass and especially the transparency of glass, my artistic work challenges the traditional perception of glassart by introducing alternative ways to experience glass. Transparent glass has over years managed to infiltrate every part of modern society, changing both human behaviour and language. And yet it is more invisible than ever. This current status calls for a new perspective on glass.
My work explores glass beyond the object. To understand the immaterial potential of transparent glass, one must look beyond surface and object and into and through the material. It is not about the object, but what happens through the object. With point of departure in handmade photographic glass filters and photography I am researching the immaterial aspects and the ambiguity of transparent glass and how these notions can trigger creative thinking and new perspectives on glass.
One thing glass has taught me is that there are many way to look at things. It all depends on from which angle you look and through which filter.”