With a passion for glass and especially the transparency of glass, my artistic work challenges the traditional perception of glassart by introducing alternative ways to experience glass. Transparent glass has over years managed to infiltrate every part of modern society, changing both human behaviour and language. And yet it is more invisible than ever. This current status calls for a new perspective on glass.

My work explores glass beyond the object. To understand the immaterial potential of transparent glass, one must look beyond surface and object and into and through the material. It is not about the object, but what happens through the object. With point of departure in handmade photographic glass filters and photography I am researching the immaterial aspects and the ambiguity of transparent glass and how these notions can trigger creative thinking and new perspectives on glass.

One thing glass has taught me is that there are many way to look at things. It all depends on from which angle you look and through which filter.

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Born 1981, Bornholm, Denmark

Currently living in Copenhagen / Member of Luftkraft Glasstudie


2011-2013     MFA Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts & Design, Stockholm-SE

2005-2008     BA The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design, Bornholm-DK

2002-2003     Kosta Glass School, Kosta-SE


2014    Artist in Residence, Royal College of Art, London-UK

2009    Artist in Residence, Penland School of Crafts, North Carolina-USA


2015    Guest teacher, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design, Bornholm-DK

2014    Guest teacher, Gerrit Rietveld Acadamy, Amsterdam-NL

2013    Speaker at TEDxCopenhagen 2013, Bremen Theatre, Copenhagen-DK

2011    Artist talk/Luftkraft Glasstudie, Kalmar Art Museum, Kalmar-SE

2008    Teaching assistant - European Glass Context 2008 Workshop by Jocelyne Prince, Karen-Lisa Salomon & Martin Thaulow


2010    Luftkraft Glasstudie, practising artist, Copenhagen-DK

2009    Place as Matter, workshop by Jocelyne Prince, Daniel Peltz & Sissi Westerberg, Rejmyre-SE

2008    Scandinavian Lights in Wakefield, neon workshop, Richard W. Wheater

& Peta Bickerstaff, Wakefield-UK

Bild-Werk Frauenau, lampworking workshop, Michael Cain,Frauenau-DE

2007    Pernille Bastrup Glass Studio, Bornholm-DK /Assisting glassblower

Pipaluk Lake, Copenhagen-DK / Assistent

Amy Reuffert, San Francisco-USA / Assistent & teaching assistent

Erica Rosenfeld, Urban Glass, New York-USA / Assistent

2003    Dam & Karlslund Glass, Ebeltoft-DK / Glass trainee


2015    Danish Glass 2015, Ebeltoft Glasmuseum, Ebeltoft-DK

            Between Here and There, Gallery Rasch, Bornholm-DK

2014    Bodytalk, Glazenhuis, Lommel-BE

            Bodytalk, Ebeltfoft Glass Museum, Ebeltoft-DK

            Kurato x Lanterne Rouge, Copehagen-DK

            NMAG, groupshow, Cape Town-SA

            Kurato x 23, groupshow, Copenhagen-DK

2013    Fall Exhibition, NMAG, Copenhagen-DK

            NAU Gallery, Stockholm-SE

            Glass beyond the Object, soloshow, No Man’s Art Gallery, Amsterdam-NL

            Making Matter, The Glass Factory, Boda-SE

            Spring Exhibition, Konstfack, Stockholm-SE

2012    Young & Loving 2012, S12 & Galleri Format, Bergen-NO

2011    Heroes & Heroines, Konstfack, Stockholm-SE

            TUR RETUR, Tinghuset, Ebeltoft-DK

            Luftkraft Glasstudie Exhibition, Noshörningen, Kalmar-SE

2010    Sculpture Biennale 2010, Copenhagen-DK

            Contemporary Glass, Rejmyre Art Lab, Rejmyre-SE

            The Danish Arts & Crafts Award 2010, The Danish Museum of Art & Design, Copenhagen-DK

            The Glassery, Soloshow, Stockholm-SE

            Inside Out, Officinet, Copenhagen-DK and Grønbechs Gård, Bornholm-DK

2009    Project A Screw Loose, Gallery S12, Bergen-NO

            KAGEopsatser, Designer Zoo, Copenhagen-DK

            UnderGrund, Cisternerne, Modern Museum of Glass Art, Copenhagen-DK

2008    Young & Loving, Gallery S12, Bergen-NO

            Going Places, BA Graduation Exhibition:

            Bornholms Kunstmuseum, Gudhjem-DK

            Designer Zoo, Copenhagen-DK

            Malmø Form- & Designcenter, Malmø-SE

            Svanekegården, Svaneke-DK

            TALENTE 2008, Handwerkskammer, Munich-DE

2007    Grønbechs Gård Gallery, Bornholm-DK

2006    Gallery Metal, Copenhagen-DK

            Discovery, Kullo Gallery, Tallinn-EST


2010    The Danish Arts & Crafts Award 2010, bronze-medal, Copenhagen-DK


2015    The Danish Arts Foundation, work grant

            National Bank of Denmark 1968 Jubilee Grant

2014    Knud Højgaards Fond

            Swedish-Anglo Society (AiR at RCA)

2013    Jubelfonden/Swedish Freemason Grant

2012    Ulla Fröberg-Cramer/Konstfack Scholarship

            Det Letterstedtska Föreningen

            Oticon Fonden

            Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond

            E., S. & A. Larsens Travel Grant

            Kulturkontakt Nord

2011    Knud Højgaards Fond

            Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond

            Johannes Birchs Grant for Bornholm

2010    The Danish Arts Foundation, work grant

2009    Bornholms Kunstfond

            Kulturkontakt Nord

2008    E., S. & A. Larsens Travel Grant

            Frederik & Marie Beyers Grant

2007    Johannes Birchs Grant for Bornholm

2006    Johannes Birchs Grant for Bornholm

2003    Carlsen-Langes Grant


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